The Journey Begins

A wise person once told me that if I was going tell anyone else how to live to do so in a story. This person also told me that if I was going to tell a story include a lesson on life in the story. So, I guess I am going to tell you a story with a lesson on life. This does not mean that I consider myself an authority on life or that I have it all figured out. Trust that I do not know anything, really, I’m just stumbling through and occasionally pick up a bit of wisdom.

Stephen Covey, author of the best seller 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, says that when you study something you should plan to teach what you learn as soon as you can. This is the what I am attempting to do. It should be known, up front, that most of my content will be stolen, borrowed, or otherwise appropriated from someone else and that very little will be original material. I just can’t reinvent the wheel. I will always give credit to the source I got the information from, when I can. It is likely my sources also stole the material.

Who am I and, more importantly, why do I feel I something worth sharing? I am just an average guy with an opinion, on just about everything. I will try to focus on just a few of those opinions but my mind tends to wonder. When left to wonder, my mind tends to get me into trouble.

My name is Mike, but I like to use the tag EliteTypeO, mostly because I think it is clever and I like to show off my cleverness. Typos are my specialty, so I say an elite typo-ist (that is more of that cleverness – making up words). Type O (negative) is the universal blood type that can be given to everyone while, yet can only accept its match and among the rarer types, (positive) is the most common blood type. This is a play on words (more cleverness) in that I see myself as both average and yet unique.

One of the themes of this blog will be centered on my religious beliefs. If you read this far a little more won’t hurt you…don’t be scared of that word; I am not going to get preachy on you. I am a polytheist. So that you don’t have to google that, it means I believe in a multitude of deities. I believe they all exist, and I have a relationship with several. Primarily, My focus is on the Northern European Traditions. There are many names used to describe this: Asatru, Odinism, Odinic, and Heathen to name a few. I tend to stay away from calling myself an Odinist or that my beliefs are Odinic. First, I am not dedicated to Odin exclusively. Second, these names have been abducted by racist groups who believe one must be of (traceable) European heritage (read white). I strive to live my life by a certain code that is based on the Nine Noble Virtues:

  1. Courage
  2. Honor
  3. Discipline
  4. Fidelity
  5. Hospitality
  6. Industriousness
  7. Perseverance
  8. Self-Reliance
  9. Truth

This is in no particular order and I am not going to define them here. There will be an offering, later, that will get into the specifics of these and my opinion of them. I would note that not all Heathens recognize these virtues, for various reasons.

A second focus I have will be based on my studies of the Stephen Covey book mentioned earlier, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I am a self-guided student of the book and in no way affiliated with Mr. Covey or his organization. If this changes – which I see no reason it would – I will be the first to tell you (hopefully).

My thought is to tie together the Nine Noble Virtues (aka 9NV) and the 7 Habits by telling a story of how I apply them (we have come back to that whole story/lesson thing). Some ways that I might demonstrate my application is through projects I do for my “Homestead”. I live on a small, rural, piece of Arkansas and I am striving to move more towards self-sufficiency. Not fully off grid, but being capable of going there if I need to.

There will be essays, there will be rants, there will probably be some pictures. There will be blood, cussing, sweating, and, occasionally, some popcorn eaten. Welcome to my life.

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