I never lose. I either win or learn. [I always win.] – Nelson Mandela


One of the purposes I described for doing this blog is to create some accountability for myself and to help me focus on keeping my goals in front of me. As January is coming to an end I think it is time for a “month in review” post to update on my progress and failures.

In my planner I put a tracker in place to keep track of the stuff I want to track. Does that make it a tracker instead of a planner? This allows me to see how I did for the month. No guessing and no lying. This month was better than last month – that is the overall goal. It is not what I wanted, not what I set out to accomplish.

This month I set a goal to read three books. I read one cover to cover, one is intentionally a month-long process – one habit a month, one I started and didn’t finish yet, one I wasn’t worth the time I was spending on it. I have read 12 days – the goal was no less than 15 every day. I can rationalize (rational lies) that I do read every day, have spent hours reading standards and procedures at work this month. That isn’t what I meant, and I know that. So, opportunity to better next month.

I journaled 7 days of the 27 so far. Again, the rational lie is that I also blogged 6 times. The goal was every day and I didn’t meet that goal. Opportunity to do better in February.

I did the exercises 10 days so far. The goal, again, was every day. Now, this is 10 times better than December and I improved from 10 pushes barely pushed to 20. I had accomplishments this month in this; I failed to meet my goal.

I started my blog – obviously – which was one of the goals. I began making some leather crafts, playing with the leather to begin practicing. This is good. Overall, I feel that I improved my proactivity. I have been more proactive than last month.


I am trying to do my best, I don’t know what my best is.

I am striving to be better

Better tomorrow than I was today

Better today than I was yesterday

Better this month than last month

Better next month than this month

Better this year than last year

I will never be the best I can be because I can always be better than I was.


I will finish January strong and hit 5/5 for the last days. I will update this at the end of January – in the spirit of accountability.

2 thoughts on “January

  1. I agree that we need to take stock of our progress on our goals, whether we achieve them or not. I can say I didn’t achieve many of mine, but I did start keeping track of daily writing (number of words and where). It does help. It sounds like you’re trying to do a LOT of goals at one time. Feel good about the progress you’ve made!


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