February 2.0

February is already a short month and this one truly felt short. Between the weather and work I have been kept away from doing the outside things I need to get done. The few good days of weather I did accomplish some good stuffs – trees cut down and cut up. We still need to get them hauled over to the neighbors. It has rained for like the last 2 weeks. Rivers are jumping their banks; my drive way is washing out – which adds a new project for this spring/summer – get rock/gravel/fly ash for the driveway. When it wasn’t raining it was ass biting cold…I guess I should expect that for February.

I turned 42 this month. That’s a huge accomplishment since there were times when I didn’t think I would make it this far. Tomorrow I hit the 2-year mark on the job. That’s not that big of a deal for me (I worked like 14 years at a previous job), but it is a little different here – I am 4th in plant hourly seniority. There are only 3 others who have been here longer, as hourlies. There were some the management that were here for a year before they hired any hourlies. What this really means is vacation resets! Already got one weekend planned for vacay – Nephew graduates this May.

Ok, for so goal updates. These were my stated goals for February:

  1. Create/Develop a personal mission statement
  2. Read (at least) 30 minutes every day
  3. Write in my (private) Journal everyday
  4. Finalize the garden plans
  5. 8 blog posts

Here is how I did:

  1. I did not finish my personal mission statement. This is more involved than I first thought. I have a working draft, but it is not finalized. I will be working on this until it is done.
  2. I read at least 30 minutes 20/28 days.
    1. I finished started and finish one book – “The View” by Terry Unger.
    2. I continued reading the 7Habits book
    3. I started “Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager” by Kory Kogon, Suzette Blakemore, and James Wood
    4. I read a few different professional journal types that concerned my job – mostly updates on interpretation on regulations
  3. I did write some entries in my personal journal 18/28 days – though not all were substantive the goal and purpose was to form a habit and I am getting better at that.
  4. We have finalized the garden plans, but no actions have been taken at this point other than planning
  5. I made 4 (including this one) blog posts with a goal of 8. I’m good with this. I still wrote things this month
    1. I researched and wrote an essay on Thor for consideration to become a content writer for The Asatru Community website. This would be awesome to be selected as one of the content for this organization. I will post the essay as a blog post whether or not I am selected, but it will wait until I know for sure.
    2. I wrote some tech stuff for work that involved some research and time. Thinking about starting a second blog that would be centered on work stuff..

February was a short month, but I still got much accomplished. Not necessarily what was planned but needed none the less. I will post up a March outlook post in the next couple of days.

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